Double Closed-end Barons
Double Closed-end Barons

Sierra(l) Churchill(r)
Sierra(l) Churchill(r)

Beech & Red Mallee El Grande
Beech & Red Mallee El Grande

Double Closed-end Barons
Double Closed-end Barons

The Pens

The pens listed below are the most common pens that I offer. Prices vary according to the type of pen and the wood from which it is crafted. There are many, many more styles of pens available. I only list a few of the ones that I have offered with great success. If you would like to explore some options please note that in the response/order box and I will be happy to offer some further ideas. I also can take a piece of wood that is special to the client and suitable for turning and incorporate that in the body of the pen.

All prices listed are in Canadian dollars. More photos are available on request.


All pens come with their own individual boxes, a card that describes the wood that was used in crafting the writing instrument chosen, and gives instructions on how to care for the pen. Fountain pen orders also include instructions on techniques and options for filling as well as recommending types of ink appropriate for use.



Pens may be engraved with initials, dates, etc., making them ideal for those special occasion gifts such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, promotions, retirement. Engraving is done on the wood only. The fee for this is $25.


[Note: If one decides to have engraving done after the pen is received it should be taken to a company that is equipped to do laser engraving. The tolerances on the wood are very fine and some types of engraving could damage the pen.]

Various versions of the Slimline.

Three Cigar pens.

Click on a photo for enlargement and description.

Slimline  start at $45

Slimline Pencil (mechanical) start at $45

Slimline Pen & Pencil sets   start at $80

Enhanced Slimline  start at $60

Sierra  start at $85

Extra-large Double-twist Cigar    start at $85

El Grande Rollerball  start at $80

El Grande Fountain Pen  start at $95

Baron Rollerball   start at $100

Baron Fountain Pen  start at $135

Cambridge Rollerball  start at $150

Cambridge Fountain Pen  start at $180

Churchill Rollerball   start at $175

Churchill Fountain Pen   start at $190