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About The Artist

Hello! My name is Stanley Hanna

I started working with wood in my father's carpentry shop when I was a child. Although I did not pursue woodworking as my vocation I always found myself drawn back to it. The whiff of wood chips and sawdust can send me into fits of nostalgia.

Finding a natural piece of wood, whether domestic or exotic, and seeing it transformed into a fine writing instrument that is at once functional and beautiful brings a deep satisfaction.

Each pen is one of a kind, just as unique as the hand that holds it. Hunterwold pens have been used to write shopping lists, love letters, poems and sermons. They have been used to sign greeting cards and marriage licences. And, at least one has been used in the processing of refugees to Canada.  It is a pleasure knowing that one’s creations are in use around the world.

I am privileged to live in my nation's capital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  My wife and I have four adult children, one son-in-law, and three delightful grandchildren. In addition to woodworking, I also enjoy reading, music, and sailing.

About the name Hunterwold: One of my ancestors was from the Hunter clan in Scotland. Wold is the ancient word for wood or woods. I wed the two together to form a name that is as unique as the pens themselves. The brand symbol is a stylized version of my initials.

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